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Advanced Medical Practices is a division of Meridian Business Services, a Kansas-based CPA Firm with dedicated resources ranging from RNs to MBAs who are focused on the medical industry. We work closely with physicians, medical groups, and other healthcare entities to help evolve medical practices into efficient and cost effective businesses. 

Advanced Management Platform (AMP) becomes a defining moment in one’s business lifecycle, — our AMP clients call it life changing. Upon implementation of AMP, business owners are better prepared to:

  • Lead their organization to increased profitability and inspire a higher level of performance.
  • Align resources with strategy to create a more resilient and agile organization.
  • Formulate a corporate vision and set a new direction for their organizations.
  • Create greater shareholder value.
  • Reimagine customer and supplier relationships.
  • Replace binary thinking with more critically integrated design thinking.
  • Persuade, influence, and negotiate expertly.
  • Balance corporate social responsibility with fiduciary realities.
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