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ALIGN:  Ensure objectives, benefits, management team, and employees are strategically positioned around implementation and user adoption
CONNECT: Utilize clear communication methods to promote awareness and minimize the unknown
TRAIN: Educate employees on your new system with a role-based, day-in-the-life approach that drives proficiency and usage
MEASURE: Provide implementation objectives and go-live success criteria to unite employees around organizational goals
SUPPORT: Provide Support Plan to promote user uptake, resourcefulness, and continued education

It is important that you utilize a proactive approach to user adoption and organizational communication throughout your implementation. The key areas noted above will be echoed in further sections to showcase how you can drive your organization to success. 

The steps above illustrate the user adoption tasks that are involved in each phase of your implementation. Most of these activities are also listed in the project plan, showcasing the importance of each in support of a successful implementation. Regular interaction with your team and organization will help drive adoption and excitement for your new system.

Establishing implementation objectives (long to medium term goals) and Go-Live success criteria (short term goals) will help you and your organization focus your efforts and measure implementation outcomes post Go-Live. Defined goals will help your organization understand the aims of the new system and evaluate progress. 
Below are several examples of implementation objectives and Go-Live success criteria: 

  • Implementation Objectives:

    • Reduce operating costs through implementation of leading practices and standard processes
    • Streamline reporting time through report consolidation and efficiency
    • Achieve organizational growth through unified business processes and enabling employees with a consolidated system

  • Go-Live Success Criteria:

    • Have all users properly trained and comfortable with their ability to use the NetSuite system effectively
    • Increase inventory visibility through Reports and Saved Searches
    • Ensure timely and accurate order processing on Day 1 

Your Implementation Champion(s) and Super User(s) are individuals who are critical to assuring your organization’s successful implementation. Not only must they be knowledgeable about your business, but also individuals who will provide a positive attitude, question processes, and support other employees. These team members will hold the following responsibilities throughout the implementation of NetSuite and post Go-Live:

  • Implementation Champions (Project Sponsor / Customer Project Manager) 
    • Drive and support the implementation
    • Provide necessary resources
    • Remove roadblocks and obstacles
    • Build support through communication
    • Ensure tasks are assigned and accomplished
  • Super Users (Business Process Owners / Respected department members)
    • Provide assistance to Implementation Champions and End Users
    • Participate actively in NetSuite implementation and education activities
    • Become NetSuite advocates
    • Develop NetSuite knowledge expertise
    • Drive change through supporting others

Meridian recommends that you choose these individuals carefully, as their participation will be critical to the implementation success and employee adoption. 

End User Training is a crucial part of your user adoption. Empowering your teams with the appropriate knowledge and skills will help users gain both competence and confidence with NetSuite. These sessions should involve all parties who will be utilizing NetSuite on a daily basis. Best practice is to break user training down into short, targeted, process-specific sessions for ease of attendance and maximum absorption of content by learners.