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“Gives us complete transparency to an item from the second it comes off of a truck to the second it goes into a customer’s shopping bag. That visibility and transparency, for us, is critical for us to be successful” 

Aaron Liebart, CEO, Rally House

Eliminate Manual, Paper-Based Process. Get Real-Time Access Instead

Successfully navigate constant cost pressure and increasing customer and trading partner expectations by taking full control of inventory across all facilities and remote locations. Eliminate manual, paper-based processes to enable immediate access to inventory information, giving you real-time access, insight and analytics that improve inventory accuracy, reduce inventory levels, increase inventory turns, and make quick decisions for the benefit of your business customers.

With SuiteDistribution, you can provide customers and trading partners with inventory information to minimize carrying costs and improve customer services while providing information to other business functions such as delivery and route sales and field service.

  • Inventory Management
  • Cycle Counting
  • Procurement
  • Wireless Warehousing
  • EDI Integration
  • Integrated Shipping
  • Fulfillment
  • Wave Picking
  • Pick/Pack/Ship

A Paved Route To Success.

Learn how distributors increase inventory accuracy with SuiteDistribution

SuiteDistribution utilizes DSI’s Inventory Management Solutions integrated into NetSuite to enable you to perform the following:
  • Manage inventory on-hand, in shipment, & on order

  • Count and transfer inventory
  • Access product details

  • Check warehouse inventory & confirm availability

  • Manage remote, satellite, & in-motion inventory locations

  • Integrate with a variety of inventory systems of record
  • Track inventory through license plating & transaction serialization
  • Measure productivity based on identified KPIs

  • Reconcile inventory & provide summary of used materials

  • Monitor  consignment & vendor-managed-inventory

  • Increase inventory turns with end-to-end lot management